LastChance labeled as the Under-Average and Lucky Ducky is a currently living TWOWer

Like SuperHyperGuy, he was impersonated by JujuMas

Alex's friend had a theory that efficiency champions never pass the final 5, however it is false due to Last Passing and Huri and SHG being eliminated

Last has, a proud achievement of his, claimed he would be eliminated every episode. He has not been eliminated yet.

LastChance has won Round 13. Which is the only round he has placed above KUmNasAIon in.

LastChance was the last alive contestant to get a custom book.

In the final six, Last made a bet relating to elimination with SuperHyperGuy and Yoylebyte. His opponents won, and he owed both of them a confessional.

Last has spend the most time on his famous "Serial killer anonymous" response.

In the final 8, Last was part of the efficiency team.

LastChance has promised to use a "special response" as one of his responses, and was eliminated the round that he did.