Kunai, labeled Sinker and Redeemer(S1), Chatterbox (S2), and Agreeable Polarizer (S3), is a TWOWer in Alex MiniTWOW

When DSK got eliminated, there was a chance that he, Last and Future could be an efficiency champion, this may be untrue due to his latest win and the elimination of Future

He is the only TWOWer in this MiniTWOW that can fly

He also got his book drawn by Alex

Kum was the only person to get a speech in the results reveal

He was the first TWOWer to get two responses in the top 5

He was also part of the Main 5 due to TWOW 1 and 2

He only won once in TWOW 11B

Season 2

KUmNasAIon was also a contestant in S2. He didn't really stand out in the beginning of S2. Part way he changed his username to "Kunai." He reached alumni and Top 10 again along with JujuMas. Kunai was the first person in Alex's TWOW to win using a 9 word response. After prizing twice in a row, Kunai unfortunately got eliminated at 9th.

Season 3

Kunai came back to do well in S3. He placed 4th out of 173. He wanted Purplegaze to win if he died, but Bombs won instead.